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How To Prepare for SBI PO 2017 Descriptive Paper

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How To Prepare for SBI PO Descriptive Paper


Here we are discussing you the pattern and about the important topics which helps you in writing the descriptive questions precisely and we are giving you the important topic for your exam.

It is a part of MAIN EXAMINATION, as there is a separate 30 minutes for descriptive paper after the completion of your objective paper.


Pattern of Descriptive paper:


SBI PO Descriptive Paper
Sr No.   Section   No of Question   Marks      Time Allotted
1.  ESSAY   1   30

       30 minutes

2.  Letter   1   20


Questions will be allotted only in English Language and can be answered only by using keyboard and Descriptive paper will just commence as Objective paper is over.

How To Prepare for SBI PO Descriptive Paper

Important things to do before practicing for ESSAY and LETTER for SBI PO

  1. Previous years ESSAY topics of SBI PO Exam
  2. Tips for Descriptive paper
  3. Sample Topics of ESSAY for Descriptive Exam
  4. Sample Topics of Letter for Descriptive Exam


Previous Years Topics of SBI PO Descriptive Paper are given below:

  1. How is Economy Related to Common Man?
  2. Stopping Farmers from Committing Suicide.
  3. Benefits and Drawbacks of Winning Lotteries.
  4. To What Extent is Aadhaar Card Useful?
  5. Comment on the Relevance of Presidential Form of Governance in India.
  6. The Importance of Imparting Education in Vernacular Languages.
  7. Women’s Safety in the Workplace.
  8. Fairness of Taxation Criteria in the India.
  9. Give Ideas to Eradicate Unemployment.
  10. Is Man a Prisoner of Shackles of Technology?
  11. Pros and Cons of Mutual Funds Investments.
  12. Is Generation Gap an Outdated Concept?


And there are many more topics which were asked in previous year papers but you can practice from these topics as these topics are more than sufficient.

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Tips for Descriptive Paper:

First of all you must brush up your english skills as it plays the main role in writing the Descriptive Section.

Then make a habit of reading comprehensions and the best way to improve your reading skills is to read newspaper daily. And it will help you figure out how paragraphs are shaped.

Since the exam will now be online so do practice in online mode only as it will help you out in typing your content during exam time. So make your typing speed better as you will have to type Letter and Essay in half an hour.


Key points while writing Essay:

  1. Make a rough idea of your essay by writing down the important points or keywords on your sheet but don’t take too much time on writing these points.
  2. The first paragraph, which is the introduction, will be your essay’s first impression upon the reader. The best way to draw the reader towards the rest of the essay on a positive note, is by relating your topic to current events. You should also highlight the important points of the topic in this paragraph. Your stance on the topic should also be clear in the introduction.
  3. Conclude the essay aur letter in better way to end in the impressive manner.
  4. Important things to be included in your ESSAY are:
  • Introduction
  • About
  • Positive and Negative points about the topic
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusion

Make sure your introduction must be attractive as it the starting point from where examiner starts reading your ESSAY so if it is impressive than he must read your whole essay in a positive way.


Key points while writing LETTER:

  1. The most important thing you must be remember while writing letter is to write in a proper format and here we are providing you the format which you can in your exam time for writing a letter.

The things you must include in your LETTER are :

  1. Date
  2. Your’s address
  3. Recipient address
  4. Salutation
  5. Body text
  6. Closing line
  7. Signature

These above are the points you must include in your letter.

All the Best !!!

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The SBI PO Mains 2017 is just a few
weeks away and most of you must be must be wondering what are the do’s and don’ts
to score well in the SBI PO Descriptive Paper. Read on for some simple tips
that will help you score 30+ 

A lot of you
may be losing sleep over the SBI PO Descriptive paper that is a part of the SBI
PO Mains 2017. The paper is for 50 marks and the duration of the SBI PO Descriptive
paper is 30 minutes. During this time frame the shortlisted candidates have to
write an essay and a letter from the three topics that have been given for
essay and letter respectively. The essay is for 30 marks and the letter for 20
marks, making it a total of 50 marks.

Most of you
must be wondering what is the cut off for the SBI PO Descriptive paper? Well,
interestingly since the year 2013 the cut off has remain constant at 20. This
means that if you score 30 or more than 30 out of 50 you are extremely safe!
And trust us, scoring 30 or more is not very difficult.

Divide your Time Equally

Since you
have only 30 minutes for The SBI PO Descriptive paper and you have to write
both- an essay and a letter it would be a good idea to allocate 15 minutes to
writing the essay and 15 minutes to writing the letter. Even though the letter is
for less marks, but since there are lots of technicalities involved it takes a
little more time to get things in order.

Practice Daily 

With about 3
weeks left for the SBI PO Descriptive paper where you have to write both- an
essay and a letter in 30 minutes, you should start practicing form today
itself! We have already rolled out lists of- expected essay topics in SBI PO
Mains 2017 and expected letter topics for SBI PO Mains 2017. Set aside half an
hour every day, set the timer and practice writing both at a stretch in 30
minutes. And remember to practice on the computer since the actual SBI PO Minas
2017 you don’t have to write with a pen on a paper but type it out, therefore familiarity,
speed and accuracy with the keyboard is also very important.

Stick to the Word Limit

Mostly in
the SBI PO Descriptive paper a word limit is given for you to stick to. It is
usually 250 350 for the essay and 150 for the letter. If the word limit is not
specified, then you must stick to this limit only for writing an essay. However,
in case of the letter if writing a formal letter try and write between 100- 150
words and 150- 200 words for an informal letter. Stick to the word limit. Writing
less shows that you have no content and writing more not only increases the
scope of errors but also indicates that you don’t know how to write concisely. Don’t
write too little or too much!

Write in Simple English

Don’t try
and impress the examiner with ‘flowery English’ in SBI PO Descriptive paper!
The fancier you try t write, the more is the scope for errors. Keep your sentences
short and simple and not long and complex. Use simple words; however you can
use a few words here and there to exhibit your vocabulary, but don’t overdo it!
It is advisable that you use active voice while writing since it is less
complicated and also appears more personal on reading.

Use these
simple tips while you’re practicing and score 30 plus in the SBI PO Descriptive
paper in SBI PO Mains 2017! 


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