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The Learning Log is a technique to help students focus on what they are learning in their classes by writing their thoughts, reactions, and responses to class lectures, videos, or discussions. A Learning Log is a  written reflection of the students's perceptions of what is being learned and how they are learning. It also provides a record of students' growth over time. Writing a learning log is an excellent way to help use writing as a process of discovery and to clarify ideas. The use of the Learning Log in AVID is part of the philosophy of using writing as a tool of learning. This is the origin of the common AVID saying, "How do I know what I think until I see what I write?"

A Learning Log entry is different from a journal entry in that it is related to the subject being studied. In journals, students are usually asked to write about what is happening in their lives. They might write an account of how they missed the bus or hit a homerun in a baseball game. In a Learning Log, students are asked either to take what they have been learning in class and reflect on it or relate something out of class to what they have been learning in class. When they make personal connections with the subject matter, meaningful learning will occur.

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1 Team 3 Avid Strategies Organized Binders Daily Assignment Logs
Weekly Learning LogsClassroom Note SheetWeekly Binder Checks

2 Organized Binders Every student has a binder
Every binder is organized with tabsStudents keep Weekly Learning Logs at the front of their binderStudents have Daily Assignment Log for every subjectStudents have Cornell Note Sheet for every subject

3 Daily Assignment LogStudents write down daily assignments for every classStudents track their own progressLog gives a quick snapshot for any teacher or parent to check on students

4 Weekly Learning LogStudents write a summary of what they learned in every class for that week.

5 Classroom Note Sheet Students write daily class reflections
Students write notes or classroom instruction

6 Weekly Binder Checks Check binder during morning AA on Wednesdays
Make sure students are writing in their assignment logs for every classMake sure students filled out their last weekly learning logStudents are reminded of what needs to be completed by the end of the day


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