Sample Thesis Dedication Essays By Sixth

Your style guide will help you format the body of your paper (margins, headings, page numbers, etc.) as you write it, but it can be helpful to refer to an example to be sure that you’re on the right track.

Find sample papers for each writing style below:

APA: The APA Style website provides sample papers here. 

BLUEBOOK: Legal Studies students should refer to the APUS Legal Studies Program Writing Guide.

CHICAGO:  The Purdue OWL offers sample papers here.

MLA:  The MLA Style Center website provides sample papers here.

TURABIAN:  Turabian is based on the Chicago Manual of Style, so you can feel confident in referring to it for format guidelines. If you have the hard copy of Turabian, look at Appendixes A.1 General Format Requirements and A.2 Format Requirements for Specific Elements.

Graduate students:

You will rely on the APUS End of Program Assessment (EOP) Manual for Graduate Studies to format aspects of your thesis that may not be addressed by style guides.  Click here to download the EOP Manual.

  • Chapters 2 -5 explain the process for thesis and capstone options.
  • See the appendixes for descriptions of each section of your thesis, including samples of the various front matter pages:
    • Appendix 4: Title Page
    • Appendix 5: Sample of Copyright Page
    • Appendix 6: Sample of Dedication Page
    • Appendix 7: Sample of Acknowledgments Page
    • Appendix 8: Sample of Abstract of the Thesis
    • Appendix 9: Sample of a Table of Contents
    • Appendix 10: Sample of a List of Tables
    • Appendix 11: Sample of a List of Figures

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...there will always be an inspiration behind it just like this research paper. The realization of this work of heart and head is not possible without them. * To God the Almighty Father, who then the giver of knowledge and wisdom to the researcher * To his parents who gave him the encouragement and understanding while this research paper is in the process of completion * To his teachers/mentors for their insights who gave me more ideas upon finishing this research * To his friends: Dora, Ando, Gerald, Jen, Mac, Madam A, Madam Bea, Madam L, Joan, Mutz, Oteph for their genuine support every time that the researcher feels hopeless. * To “someone like you” for giving him the motivating affection to the researcher. DEDICATION First and foremost The researcher wants to dedicate this Work of heart and head to God for the wisdom He Entrusted to him Secondly, to his parents for giving love, Care and understanding Lastly, to those whom I really endowed my trust – My friends and to HIM. -JSF ABSTRACT Being Present in School is the best way to achieve our goals in Life. Study is created for a good purpose that is to guide and lead people in a way wherein they will not be called “Lazy”. This study will present how students are lazy to go to school that can affect the study of the students. School is the best venue to start guiding and leading the students to have a better life. This research contains also the...


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